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Once More, With Feeling

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I sort of decided to start this blog all on a whim one day, and I couldn’t think of a good name for it at the time so I made a bad attempt at wordplay and went with it, since the point was to start writing again. But then people (ahem, Jim) started saying, “what’s your blog called, again?” and I realized that I couldn’t stay with Aphorized. It’s not catchy or memorable. So I did what I always do when I’m at a loss: I crowdsourced. I put that picture of me snorkeling up on Facebook and said, “I need a better, easier to remember blog name. I’m basing it off of this image. Help?”

Less than a minute later, my friend Fritz came up with “Snarkeling.”

A. This is why I hang out with burners. They’re weird and creative and they’re good at words, even if trying to get them to do anything is like herding cats.

B. I so want to have been the one who came up with this name, but sometimes you come up with Jesus’ Lard & sometimes you let somebody else do the smart-being.

So welcome to my new-old blog, and my life, in which there are always a few false starts, but eventually I settle into something that feels right. At least it’s early going & most of you only read me when my Facebook or Twitter tells you to. It’s not like I have hundreds of loyal readers to redirect. So in terms of do-overs, it could be worse.

This reminds me of a doomed date I once went on where every restaurant I suggested was either closed or too crowded to wait, and we wound up driving around for hours with me getting increasingly desperate and embarrassed. I was new to the area & I wasn’t prepared for so many contingencies. I got us lost. It was awful. We didn’t really go out after that. But he was kind of a douche so it’s probably for the best.

Oh jeez. Not that I’m calling you a douche. What I’m trying to say is, thanks for sticking with me and keeping a sense of humor when I get a little lost.


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