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My Ship Has Come. In.

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You guys, I totally just put a bid on a million dollar castle in the Virgin Islands because THIS IS ME AND THE BLOGGESS WEARING PANTY HATS!


Modeling the next big thing with the best sport ever.

When you get a best-selling author to model your million dollar idea for you, that’s like a free endorsement and now all her readers will be wearing panty hats and the money is just going to start rolling in. That’s always how it works, right?

She does a great book event – you should totally go. She’s a good reader and she’s very funny and kind, and you can’t even tell that she’s a little loopy from beta blockers. I should probably have taken some of my own, because the whole thing made me a little manic and shaky. But the best thing about the patron saint of functional crazy is that when you show up being a little crazy yourself, she is totally beatific about it. I even accidentally deleted the first picture of us wearing panty hats (which is probably for the best because I looked frighteningly like Dieter from Sprockets) and she let me come back and do another one.

Bonus: now she owns a pair of leggings that I bought her, which is even better than making her a skin suit because there are no restraining orders and I’ll get to continue to comment on her blog.


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