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I’m Sure This is Exactly What Dionne Warwick and Friends Were Talking About


My best friend emailed me today to tell me:

I subscribed to your blog last night.  I thought I already had, but when I noticed the lack of new postings, I realized I probably hadn’t after all.  Anyway, I googled snarkeling and this popped up:

To fart underwater and catch the bubble in you mouth.
Farting underwater
A mixture of dog saliva and snot
To drag one’s balls across someone’s face.
A ‘dark’ Elmo

Best friends are the ones who can simultaneously support you unconditionally AND tell you when you’ve metaphorically (or literally) tucked your skirt into your underpants. For what it’s worth, I said if I had to pick one it would probably be the second. And then it occurred to me to ask what the fuck a “dark” Elmo is, because it sounds like he’s wearing a lot of eyeliner and listening to The Cure. Or possibly eating your soul.

Turns out it’s just a sort of Trickster Elmo. I don’t know why this exists. But you know what? Of course it does. I shouldn’t even question things anymore.


2 thoughts on “I’m Sure This is Exactly What Dionne Warwick and Friends Were Talking About

  1. Here’s a question: The Count on Sesame Street. If he is an actual vampire, upon whom does he feed? I wondered if he was purple because he had fed on Elmo, who is red, and Grover, who is blue. In my defence, I thought these things in college; we had black and white tellies as a child.

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