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Compare and Contrast

I just got back from a week-long trip with Corinne to the Pacific Northwest. A longer post is coming, but I’m still really jet lagged and not very coherent yet. In the meantime, let us enjoy the difference between Maya before she falls into a 42-degree river of snowmelt and floats downstream several hundred yards:


loosely translated “OMG, that was fucking AWESOME! Please don’t hate my foul mouth, really religious people behind us.”

with the after shot:


“Oh look: yet another wave pouring over the top of the boat and onto the ice blocks that contain my feet. Wow, neoprene boots just aren’t enough warm. Maybe if I lit them on fire…?”

And no, Corinne didn’t turn into an old man over the course of this trip. She’s just hidden behind me.

I will say this: it was like the awesomest, coldest water slide you can imagine, & I’m actually glad I fell in. But the irony of the story is that I fell in AFTER “riding the bull” which is where you sit on that red patch in the front with your legs dangling out and holding onto those straps you see attached the big metal ring. I got through that just fine. In fact, it was sublime. Afterward we got all situated back in the boat, went over a rock, and the lady in the 2nd row on the left and I popped out at the same time. She was easier to rescue, so I just floated downstream through ice-cold rapids for about 30 seconds while they got her in and then paddled like hell to catch up with me. She got injured, so I kind of got the better end of the deal. I’ll say this for the experience: it’s really amazing how clear your mind goes when it’s trying to save your ass – it was almost transcendent.