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So the Bloggess introduced me to a thing where you type in your first name and “meme” into image search and see what you get. Hers were kinda weird, I’ll grant her that. But I’m named after an ancient civilization recently credited with the 2012 apocalypse (aka cosmic December 31st, where you flip the fucking calendar and start over). So I was pretty much gonna win this one anyway. Not that we’re competing. Not that I’d win in a competition with her anyway on anything other than creepy name memes, and I can’t really take credit for that one since I didn’t name myself. Though all the inexplicable rape-themed ones cross a line and we’re not going there. But anyway, for your amusement:

Hey, whatever you want me to be doin’. This is going very well so far.

Truly a question for the ages. Or at least since I learned to talk. My first nickname was “motormouth” to absolutely no one’s surprise.

Holy fuck! Okay, I’ll tell you anything! Just please, put this bag on your head. Okay, ANOTHER bag. I think this is the working definition of torture.

Really? REALLY? Sigh. Also, we all know what masturbating looks like, you don’t need to back it up with the hand signal. Wait, is that what Ryan up there is doing outside the frame? Dammit!

Don’t worry your majesty. I don’t think you actually have to do anything Boromir says. Use whatever floats your boat. Unless it’s me. (please don’t let it be me!)

Actually this one’s spot on. Except I never read the paper.

This one sounds like me, too. Especially if Boromir up there is serious.

Well. That was a fun 20 minutes! Share your best!