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Okay, so I know like half my posts are about my kid right now, but look at it this way: they’re not about medical oddities!

Corinne just spent a couple days in Milan getting her Euro-legs (which I guess are 50% larger than her American ones and are threatening to come apart?) and did a little sight-seeing. I’m not going to show you the picture of her holding a line of pigeons on her arms, because all I can think of when I look at it is all the germs pigeons carry. But Corinne has always had a tough-love approach to her immune system, and basically she could burn off an Ebola-filled Bubonic Plague with a single 105-degreeĀ  fever spike and then go out the next day like it never happened. When I begin to feel envious of that, I remind myself that she’ll be 40 one day, and the warranty will expire on her body just like it does everyone else’s.

Anyway, instead we’ll focus on her interesting interpretation of statuary in the Duomo:


“they know they’re in the fashion capital – YAAAS, work it angels!”


“Pose for the camera, darling”


“Rapper Popedaddystax?”


“Is he starving, or does he hit the gym?”


“I am so not impressed by your handstand”

All of this from a single day. There are still 2 months to go. Best. Investment. Ever.

If your kid is driving you nuts right now, just remember that this is the sort of payoff you have to look forward to. But also remember that they only have one childhood to be imbued with a keen eye and quick wit. Go forth and make them absurd. If not for yourself, then for the future.Save